20 Mar 2014


When a friend of mine came to visit few weeks ago he asked me what it was. At that time the construction of the lamp was in the process of drying and it didn't really look like lamp, so I told him to wait and see. To be honest with you that could have been anything, but when I added lamp holder with a cord it started to look like it meant to be. First impression might have been confusing, but the second one didn't leave any doubts, it was a lamp!

It took me another couple of weeks to finish it off, plus I had to make some improvements, but finally I got where I wanted and voila my first diy lamp is ready to share and I've been already working on the next one.

The lamp is made of black iron pipes and concrete, which were simply put together. One day I got totally amazed by what can be done with these pipes and I've decided to try it myself. Because I love concrete so much I couldn't just leave it, so I had to connect it all together instead. By adding vintage style lamp holder and a lovely Edison bulb the lamp got this simple and minimalistic industrial look, just the way I like it.

If you feel like this lamp is exactly in your style and you must have it please click here.


  1. Oh gosh! That lamp looks absolutely adorable. I like its factory like look, which is very steam punk in design, with the metal pipes and the incandescent bulb. It's so easy to make, too! Thank you so much for sharing that DIY feat.

    Mavis Hayes @ Rotax Metals

  2. Who knew that a combination of concrete and pipes can make a stunning Neo-Industrialist design? Sometimes, an idea is good only inside our minds, but when put into action, it's not as good as it was in our imagination. Someone only as creative as you can think of an idea and make it happen. Looking forward to your future posts! Cheers!

    Kendra Tran @ Leco Concrete Forms

  3. my husband is an electrician and said metal is a conductive and you could get a poke if the wires broke. Be sure to do a good job with your connections.

    1. Your husband is correct and if she used a two conductor lamp cord, which is the most common for that style socket, then the entire lamp is not grounded and could cause serious injury or even death through electrical shock.

  4. Looking for the diy instructions if you have them!

  5. What was the form for the concrete? I love it's shape!