25 May 2014


When I thought of master bathroom I always thought concrete. It's obvious by now this is one of my favorite materials, so with no doubts I wanted to use it in the bathroom. The aim was to keep it modern and simple with this raw kind of look, so I have decided to combine it with wood and glass for a bit of variety. 

I started from the scratch as you can see:

to finish here:

I knew this bathroom had a lot of potential, but it also was a bit of a challenge, because of its unusual shape, slanted walls and materials to be used. First thing I need was a good plan, so I've decided to divide it into different sections that would correspond to each other. I've started from the toilet, which I wanted to keep more private. Perfect place for it appeared to be a little gap between the walls, slightly hidden but big enough to accommodate a toilet basin.

Going to the right you will see a double bath.

With slatted walls above it, there wasn't really much choice like to place it in that corner. Bath also received concrete finish, but this was a tricky one, because concrete is the material that soaks up water like crazy, so it had to be extra impregnated with some kind of special resin and sealed with silicone on the edges to keep it dry.

Opposite to the bath there is a water basin placed on top of made to measure furnitures with a large mirror behind it. Because it's next to the window we also benefit from daylight.

Going to the right again you will find a shower cabin, originally planned as a walk-in shower, but quickly rebuilt when the wooden floor got flooded with water after we used it for the first time. Unfortunately not always what looks good on the picture must be the same in real life. So learning my lesson and leaving the shower curtain behind (yeah!!!) I had to say a 'no no' to the idea of walk-in shower and replace it with a proper shower cabin. It doesn't actually look bad at all, but you know when you really want something and need to give up on it you may feel like you've lost it.

One of my biggest concerns with this project was the round wall by the doors, just opposite to shower, which looked like that before we started.

Most people who built this house project put mosaics on it, I've decided to go for something that I've already known and worked with - led stripe lights and concrete. I thought it would look interesting, different and cool! I didn't go wrong, as the result was better than I could ever imagine, plus I gained lots of extra light under the shower. 

For those who wonder how the walls were done, just take a look at my diy concrete tv wall tutorial, as the method of plastering was exactly the same.

I bet you've noticed by now that many things still need to be finished, so I can assure you this will be done with time and for the time being I plan what to do with the next bathroom that hasn't been started yet. I can only say that this bathroom will get some more industrial look when I finish with it!

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