27 May 2014


Our new house doesn't have a garden sorted yet, but I felt like I needed my own space around it. As always the decision was to do it all by myself. Having small money in my pocket I had to find a way to create bargain patio furnitures and decorate them somehow. On that occasion I went to the backyard and took the old pallets that laid in there for ages and I converted them into a small diy pallet sitting-dining set. All I missed was something to cover the bare wood planks, so I went to Ikea and did some shopping!

25 May 2014


When I thought of master bathroom I always thought concrete. It's obvious by now this is one of my favorite materials, so with no doubts I wanted to use it in the bathroom. The aim was to keep it modern and simple with this raw kind of look, so I have decided to combine it with wood and glass for a bit of variety.