12 Aug 2014


Photo by: Michal Krzyzanski
We all love home decorations and accessories. No matter if they are functional or just cluttering the space, matching the style or not, they simply got to be around! With that in mind I started to work on the whole new range of home decorations and accessories.

Photo by: Michal Krzyzanski

I began with clarifying the idea of how to decorate my own house. I wanted to get a perfect combo between of what I have already got and what I want to have in the future. Considering that there are barely any furniture in the house, there are not many places that I can display decorations to. So trying to be practical and thinking of the future I have decided to mix and match materials and textures.

Photo by: Michal Krzyzanski

Once again I reached for concrete (try to beat that!). I also worked with wood as well as with iron. Painted here and there, sanded and drilled where needed and there it is HMM new home decorations range is ready to share! It's sustained in industrial style with some elements of Scandinavian design. I would describe it as combination of simple and functional design locked in variety of forms, shapes and materials. It's very stimulating and engaging range of home products.

Photo by: Michal Krzyzanski

So although you haven't heard from me for a while I was pretty busy as you can see. I promise to be more systematic in the future and in the meantime thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you guys soon!

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