27 Sep 2014


Few days ago a subject of decorating our hallway returned. Hot spells are almost behind us, so my hubby and I started to think of what needs to be done before winter. Top point on our list was the hallway - small and narrow space with lots of potential. I had the general idea of how I want it to look, but I still missed some details. I started browsing the internet and I found few interesting inspirations.


First one comes from That Nordic Feeling, where simple design meets smart solutions. I like the way things were organized in this small space. It has all what hallway needs to have: functional hangers (some from MUUTO), a place to seat (Ikea Frosta) and stylish look (all by thatnordicfeeling). 

 Plywood & Pears

Cabinets from the picture above are my No.1 storage type. These are IKEA Trones shoe cabinets, which in the matter of fact can be used in many other ways. The best thing about them - beyond the design of course, is their price which is less than 30£ and wide range of colors to choose from. Even though they were made of plastic, they don't look cheap or tacky, but modern and stylish. This particular hallway decor comes from Plywood and Pears, but if you are looking for more ideas of how to use Trones simply type them online.


When I saw this photo for the first time, I thought I could move into this apartment in seconds. Bright hallway with a big window and tall ceiling with glowing fairy lights - looks like a perfect match. This magical hallway stylization comes from IKEA's 2012 Christmas Catalogue. Strala lights that were used here may feel kind of festive, but wouldn't it be nice to keep them all year round?

 Gaile Guevara

One picture looks good in a small space, but does it look as good as whole picture gallery? I popped into this monochrome composition by Gaile Guevara when looking for some wall art to my hallway and it really inspired me. Gaile uses different size and shape frames from Ikea, finding perfect balance between color and form. On the other hand when I look at Mad & Bolig decor below, the 'G' poster from Playtype Grey's Collection looks really good too, so the question stays open: which one to choose?

Mad & Bolig

What else inspired me? Definitely Scandinavian minimalism for its warm feeling. I love the combination of natural wood, white walls, cosy cushions, rugs and blankets... Scandi decor is the style really close to my heart, maybe that's is why I can't resist from shopping at Ikea, can you?

Nordic Feeling

Elisabeth Moors

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